By definition, Entrepreneurship is the act of creating a commercial venture, while exerting initiative and taking risk.

Key Concepts



Universal tools to help all entrepreneurial people win.

Your mind and it’s constant development, is the most important asset you have as an entrepreneurial person.

The tools below are meant to assist you on how to approach, plan and execute important aspects of your journey.

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A career planning tool for entrepreneurial people.

Benefits Include:

A holistic view of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.
Your current location within the ecosystem.
The ability to clearly determine which stage you'd like to move into.
Understanding where others fit into the ecosystem to create better understanding and relationships.
luanch plan-10
A speed optimized task list to launch any company.

Benefits Include:

A pre-filled list of launch tasks applicable to any business.
Easy to understand navigation and how tasks relate to each business function.
Flexibility built in by allowing you to skip tasks or adjust timelines.
Launch any business faster than you ever have before.
Value Flow
A stage based view of value creation for better product development.

Benefits Include:

A simple but full view of the value creation process.
An explanation of each stage and it's importance.
Comparison and contrast of this flow versus the traditiional idea of a business model.
Simple template available for you to map your value flow with any product or service.
Visual SMB
A summarizing view of business functions for work planning.

Benefits Include:

Learn how to look at any business with a simple, high level view.
Understand the 4 pillars of any business.
Learn about business functions, their importance and which ones are universal to any business.
See how to always work on the most critical areas of your business.
People Groups
A grouping system to better manage expecations of people you interact with most.

Benefits Include:

Get a clear view of all the people groups you'll frequently interact with.
Understand why and how to divide each group by their function.
Determine the top expectations each group has for you.
Identify key people in each group and list their specific expectations to keep everyone happy.
Task Rank
A prioritization tool organizing critical tasks by business function and people groups.

Benefits Include:

Increase your productivity and efficiency by working on what matters most, today.
Use pillars to divide your businesss into functions.
The overlay of people groups allows you to see tasks and their relationship to your people.
Rank and execute tasks by 3 criteria: business division business function and the people involved.